Intercultural competencies and a better understanding of each other are vital for the peaceful coexistence of humans in general and in Europe in particular. The BICAS project makes a valuable contribution.

Through the ongoing European integration and also the growing numbers of immigrants in the EU the need for intercultural competencies in professions dealing directly with people is inevitable. So far this issue has not been sufficiently been part of vocational training and further training. Especially in the field of pre-clinical emergency and health care this is becoming a major current problem.

Paramedics are confronted with situations where intercultural knowledge and competencies are vital. Emergency care services are overstrained due to lack of preparation for and theming of intercultural aspects in training. This leads to inadequate communication with patients as well as massive complications due to religious / cultural differences, psychosocial challenges and high stress levels leading to avoidable complications in emergency situations.

The BICAS project addresses these needs through the development of an intercultural training course concept and framework which will be translated into a blended learning approach and supporting tools, such as a Quick Reference in Action mobile APP. The intercultural training course concept will formulate learning outcomes using ECVET criteria. The blended learning training course will be piloted and thoroughly evaluated to achieve a sustainable high quality output, which will be used in vocational training and further training of paramedics throughout Europe.

Apart from the project partners other stakeholders will be invited to adopt the training course and mobile app. In order to achieve this, training course guidelines and policy recommendations will be published and disseminated on national and European level.

In order to achieve these ambitious goals a partnership of ambulance services, vocational training institutions, organisations working with migrants, providing intercultural competencies training, IT experts and evaluation experts has been formed.